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Risks of Do-It-Yourself Tree Cutting

During the last year of your life, your neighbor’s tree has been staring into your windows, and now it must die. Contrary to common perception, cutting a tree is no easy feat. Doing it well demands an adequate basis of knowledge and practice, especially safely. A tree is not chopped down by cutting off its base and letting it fall on the ground in a straight line. A great deal of thought must go into the decision to attempt DIY tree removal, as it involves considerable risk factors. Tree-felling is not as simple as it looks. Without expertise, there is plenty of risk, and one can die from serious accidents. The most frequent reasons for accidents when doing tree cutting on your own are:

Dangerous Chainsaw Maneuvers

Practice is needed to safely cut down a tree using a chainsaw. The angle of cut in the tree, weight distributions, and inserting the bar in the tree are things you should consider. The chainsaw should also be under your total control at all times. If not, you will risk cutting yourself instead. Kickback is one of the major dangers associated with running a chainsaw, as it is when the machine jerks backward at the operator. Besides, the chainsaw becomes dangerous when there’s a bolt or nail in the tree.


There is the possibility of tree limbs falling on your property, causing damage to the house or car, or injuring you greatly when trying to cut down the tree. Falling tree limbs are heavy and unexpected. The weight of trees and their centers of gravity may mislead one. Transporting them to the ground as well could entail the use of a rope and pulley if they are too bulky for lifting alone.

Human Error

Inexperienced, poor decisions and mistakes will result in very costly damages and severe injuries during do-it-yourself tree cutting. Such trees will be removed less effectively by those with only a few years of experience or practice than seasoned arborists with proper training.

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